Princess Grain Free Cat 2 Kg

PRINCESS PREMIUM ‘grain free’ dry and carefully prepared wet foods are designed to satisfy the different lifestyles of a fussy eater! We do not compromise on ingredients; formulating our foods to the highest possible standards using only quality meats, fish, vegetables and fruits.
By Choosing PRINCESS PREMIUM cat food you are introducing your cat to a unique range of complete food that fulfils their need for a natural diet.
Known to be very selective about what they eat, a cat will keep you guessing on its dietary needs. They are capable of regulating their required level of nutrients and will feed accordingly, but with our greater understanding and research PRINCESS foods provides the variety and balance that meets their lifestyle – fulfilled enough to save precious areas of wildlife!

PRINCESS PREMIUM ‘grain free’ dry cat food is a genuine pure caloric quality food concentrated in rich natural ingredients – fresh meat, fish, fruit and vegetables. Low in the carbohydrates that may cause health issues. It is formulated to ease digestion and combines the protein that is strong in energy with vegetables that are strong in dietary fibre and the added benefits of vitamins E, B and vitamin B complex (iron).


2kg • 1.5 whole lean chickens • 4 whole fish • 1.7kg mixed fruit • 1.95kg vegetables
12kg • 10 whole lean chickens • 26 whole fish • 10.3kg mixed fruit • 11.7kg vegetables
Poultry (protein meal), Peas, Potato (starch meal), Fish (protein meal/oil), Fat (poultry), Eggs (protein/fat meal), Beet fibre, Linseed, Krill – crustaceans, Ammonium chloride, Lecithin, Minerals (salt), Taurine

Analysis per kg:

Crude protein 30%, Crude fat 18%, Crude fibre 3%, Crude ash 8%, Calcium (Ca) 14g, Phosphorus (P) 11g, Potassium (K) 6g, Magnesium (Mg) 0.8g, Sodium (Na) 3g, Taurine 0.1%, Omega 3 fatty acid 10g, Omega 6 fatty acid 25g,


GE 17380 KJ


Vitamin A 20.000iu, Vitamin D3 2.500iu, Vitamin E alfa-tocopherol 250mg, Vitamin C 50mg, Vitamin B1 13mg, Vitamin B2 17.5mg, Vitamin B6 5mg Vitamin B12 0.04mg, D-pantothenic acid 40mg, Niacin 40mg, Folic acid 1mg, Biotin 0.6mg, Choline chloride 2400mg

Trace elements:

IIron (Fe) 200mg, Copper (Cu) 10mg, Manganese (Mn) 5mg, Zinc (Zn) 120mg, Iodine (I) 2mg, Selenium (Se) 0.2mg, Cobalt (Co) 1mg


Tocopherol rich extract


Citric acid

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