Prince Training Pads

Excellent odour control
Super absorbent powder which converts liquid to gel droplets
Maximum absorbency
Scented with pheromones to attract puppies and simplify training
Ideal for sick dogs suffering from incontinence
Also useful for dogs during their menstrual period


Carefully studied to solve the problem of house training puppies. Prince training pads are also suitable for all those dogs living inside the house, sick dogs, dogs that are suffering from inconvenience and female dogs during menstruation. An indispensable accessory for all travel needs and inside the dog carrier.

How they work:
Thanks to the special ultra absorbent polymers, Prince training pads absorb the liquids, transform them into jelly like substance and then carry them to the lower layers, leaving the surface dry and clean, avoiding the proliferation of bacteria and guaranteeing better hygiene and the elimination of bad odours.

Available sizes: 60 x 90cm and 60 x 60cm, 10 pads per bag

Nothing but the best for your dog… because we care


PRINCE PREMIUM dry and wet foods for dogs are packed full of goodness with specialised natural ingredients formulated to the highest possible standards, promoting all round good health from the inside out.


• Grain FREE unique to PRINCE PREMIUM
• Genuine pure caloric and concentrated in rich natural ingredients
– High protein whole lean chickens and fish
– Fruit and vegetables strong in dietary fibre, vitamins and iron
– Low carbohydrates eases digestion and allergic problems
• Formulated for adult dogs and puppies
• Advance kibble – healthy teeth and gums


• Recipes unique to PRINCE PREMIUM RANGE
• Extensive range of high protein quality meats and fish
• Supplemented with vegetables, fruit, herbs, plant extracts, vitamins and minerals
• Ideal mix for dry food
• Available in cans, pouches and sausages
• Ideal for PUPPIES, adults and elderly dogs