by Matthew Wismayer

Petnutrition plays an important role to keep your dog healthy and lead a holistic life. As a pet owner it is a responsibility to make sure that you are feeding your dog the most appropriate diet and also that one has the right information in hand. Dogs depend on you to choose the right diet and wrong decisions will be a detriment to his lifestyle. Longevity of a dog depends primarily on the adequate feeding patterns and diet selected.

In this weeks article I will highlight some tips a pet owner should follow to maintain one dog in an optimal shape.

nutr-21. Minimize filler: One of the most fundamental rules to lower the risk of health issues is to identify the ingredients in the dry food bags Dog owners must be capable to distinguish poor ingredients such as corn and wheat which may be allergens for your dogs. Product fillers are a common use in most pet foods which also call themselves premium so one must take extra care to read the labels well before identifying the dogs diet. Allergens are one of the most common problems in dogs and it is of pivotal importance to choose a food free from such fillers which is only convenient for the producers.

2. Avoid Preservatives: Preservatives can be toxic to a dog liver . Examples of these are BHA, BHT, Ethoquixin, so be sure to keep them away from him.

3. Look out for named meats: One must avoid diets with by product meat and look for declarations with named meat such as chicken, fish or lamb . In dry food it is important to identify the meal that identify which animal, like fish and chicken .

4. Fats: It is important to identify the healthy fats and oils. Meaning better unsaturated or polyunsaturated fats rather than saturated. Check well the named fats such as chicken fat and no pork fat which is very unhealthy. Oils such as flax oil and sunflower oil. Avoid ingredients which just state animal fats or vegetable fats.

5 .Water: keep plenty of water available . Water is a very vital and indispensable nutrient a dog or any living organism can do without so make sure your dog can stay hydrated by providing always plenty of water available.

6. Do not feed too frequently: Avoid feeding your dog too often, this may turn him to become a picky eater. If spoiled too much than be prepared to suffer the consequences !! Discipline and feeding methods are rules to apply from day one.

7. Feed age appropriate food: Always follow guidelines from puppy to adult stages. A puppy formulation is different from an adult diet as it requires stronger nutrients so follow always the right guidelines.

8. Look for a good ratio nutrients: When selecting your dogs diet you must make sure that the diet contains the adequate ratio of proteins derived from animal proteins, carbs, healthy fats, essential amino acids , minerals and vitamins.

9. Do not stare at your dog while eating as you may make him anxious .

10. Don’t allow your dog to eat bones as these may cause obstruction or laceration of a dog’s Digestive system.

11. Pay attention to the size of the kibble: Always follow the appropriate kibble for your dog. Selecting the wrong kibble can discourage your dog from eating.

12. Feeding more than one dog: If you own more than one dog feed separately . Use separate bowls to monitor better their intake .

13. Avoid table scraps: Can led to bad habits.

13. Limit treats: treats can be an over indulgence.

nutr-114. Don’t leave your pets bowl out during the day and wash well after each meal .

15. Create a feeding schedule to boost well his metabolism. It is highly recommended to feed dogs twice or three max a day however dividing his meals proportionately. Too much food in one meal is not recommended.

16. When switching food always mix the new with the old to avoid digestive problems.

17. Keep your pet active. Exercise is always very important. Play fetch, go for a walk, or ride a bike. Always wait 30 minutes between feeding and exercise.

The tips above are the basic rules to maintain your dog in a mental and physical good state. It is always important to make some research about nutrition before introducing a dog to your home, and remember that a dog is a commitment, a friend for life so be sure that when you make a decision to adopt a dog you are prepared to take care of him for life.