by Matthew Wismayer

Fish oils in pet food has recently became the talk of the day and evolving in the most popular nutritional supplement. Dog owners are nowadays curious to learn more about their benefits and how to provide them in their dogs daily diets.

fishoilsIn fact fish oils are purported to have a broad range of beneficial effects in many disease conditions due to its effect on chemicals in the dogs body involved in the inflammatory response.

While a high quality complete natural diet provides all round nutrition, the need for additional oil supplements is necessary against health concerns and general environmental issues.

In research studies fish oils have shown positive benefits in battling the several diseases. Fatty acids ( building blocks of fat in the body and in the food we eat , than during digestion the body breaks down fats in fatty acids where they are absorbed in the blood ) which are inabundance in fish oils are among the most commonly used nutritional supplements used in treating dog health issues.

Unbalanced ratios in pet foods which most consumers are unaware result in a Omega 6 to Omega 3 imbalanceas they are overloaded with Omega 6 fatty acids from vegetable oils resulting in incorrect rations of Omega 6 to Omega 3 . Few are aware, that plant based oils found in cheap pet foods are high in omega 6 and promote inflammation and cancer cell growths. In today’s world, unfortunately it is possible that some pet food manufacturers produce dishonest formulations which trigger health problems to our beloved dogs. Dry coats, itching and skin allergies are the first signs and send an alarm to pet owners that something in the dog’s body is not functioning well.

All foods have Omega 6, so it is highly recommended to offset them with Omega 3.Even though plant based oils are high in ALA ( alpha – linolenic acid , an essential fatty acid found naturally inside every cell in the body ) they have an incapability to convert it to omega 3 such as us humans. So Omega 3 must be complemented in the dogs food diet.
Supplementing fish oils with dry food or wet food will enhance a ratio of omega 6 to omega 3 of 5:1 which is optimal rate.

Fish oils in particular are high in omega 3 and will help to support the physical and mental state of your dog. In fact oils where first suggested for use in treating allergies are now advocated in cases of kidney disease, elevated cholesterol and arthritis. In a nut shell fish oils in good dosages are the MIRACLES for optimal health.

However there are also other health benefits from adding fish oils to your dog’s regular diet.

Here are some benefits found in recent studies:

  • Fish Oils have anti – bacterial properties .
  • They soothe reactions to allergies and itching from bites to stings.
  • Act as an anti –inflammatory .
  • Provide calming effects to the body and mind
  • Heal wounds and ease pain.
  • Aid mobility to joints and muscles
  • Support immune system , stamina and well being
  • Ease constant moulting.
  • Manage coat conditions during seasonal days.
  • Ensure a glossy coat, bright eyes and fresh breath.


When giving fish oil , it is highly recommended to provide the right dosages directly on the dry or wet food , although it is possible to apply directly orally by using a syringe.

  • For a small dog under 10 kilos – a teaspoon or 5ml daily
  • For a medium to large dog – a tablespoon or 10 ml daily.

Fish oils can be given to puppies only after 12 weeks. A dosage of 2ml daily is more than enough for the first weeks and one can increase proportionately until the puppy develops to an adult stage.

The amounts specified above are for fish oil supplements for dogs in loose liquid form. If you are using fish oil supplements in capsules – it is very important to use those, specially formulated for pets.They are usually less concentrated than humans as weight of humans needs to make the dosage higher. Pet capsules of fish oils usually contain half the dosage of human fish oils.

It is important to follow the feeding guides when giving oils and to consult professional nutritional advise as an over supplementation can cause a depletion of vitamin E which may result in muscle weakness , loss of balance , eye problems and impaired immune response. However if oils are supplemented either with rosemary oil, oregano oil , Lecithin , reservatol and ascorbic acid additionally a diet rich in fruit and vegetables will supply the dog body with plenty of antioxidants and help preserve the vitamin E stores and thus prevent any health side effect issues for your dog.

On a short note , if fish oils are given properly , it’s a guarantee that your dog will pay less visits to the vet and not only have an impeccable look , but also a stoutness and sturdiness dog owners will certainly take pride when taking their dog out for a stroll.